Kurly Kactus, Learner... Scribbler... Day Dreamer... Since 1985.

Design is always seen as a visual representation of an idea. Art was always my hobby but never a career choice. Love towards art and design was always there but in a country where doctors and engineers are considered the best career choice, design do not stand a chance. So learning science and math became the aim to have a better future and career. As I went by understanding the complexity of world without art and design, I realised something very remarkable yet normal.


Visual representation is just a small part of design. Design works in various layers and in various sectors. Design is not about the aesthetic appeal but the problem solving capacity with the minimum resource and effective timeline.

Hence design became part of my life. I like to solve problems or to say find a different perspective to the situation. Hence just having a problem solving capability is not enough. Empathy is important, we have to see the situation from multiple angle to get a best sought solution in the given scenario.

That is my learning every day, as I put in my thought and effort to see every problem/ situation as an opportunity to learn something new.